Hello, I’m Laura Kirsop from London, UK. I began my career as a primary school teacher, moved on to run Code Club in the UK and now work as a Product Manager at FutureLearn where I lead the Learning Experience workstream. I'm also a musician and school governor. You can read more about me on my CV.


I like speaking at events, writing things and advising early stage start-ups so get in touch for a chat.

email: laurakirsop@gmail.com 


I’ve been in a lot of bands over the years. I used to be in an indie-pop band called Internet Forever and now I'm in a doom band called Ex People. I'm a big fan of hardcore punk, riot grrrl, noise rock and pop music.

For stalkers

I'm also into architecture, comics, cycling, DIY everything, feminism, gender, podcasts, sociology, tattoos and the X-Files.