I deliver twilight, whole or half day INSET training for primary schools.

I run bespoke Computing training for primary schools. My approach to this is simple: I survey teachers beforehand to find out where they lack confidence and then plan fun, hands-on training to inspire them and fill in knowledge gaps. Afterwards I leave you with clear action points to improve Computing teaching in your school.

Below you can see some examples of sessions I have run before and the sorts of materials we used.

E-mail me if you're interested in chatting about this: laurakirsop@gmail.com.

Testimonials from schools

“Laura’s prior experience as a teacher shows – she instinctively connected with staff, delivering fun, hands-on training that helped teachers and TAs to understand how a computer works and the basics of coding and how to teach it. Most importantly, she motivated staff to learn more as well as banishing the anxiety that the word ‘coding’ instils in many.”  - Joffy Conolly, Head Teacher, Soho Parish Primary School.

"The session was fun, informative and accessible. Thank you so much!" - KS2 Teacher

"Thank you Laura. Everything was explained very clearly and it was great to have the time to explore the programs." - KS2 Teaching Assistant


EYFS & Key Stage 1 INSET presentation (Laura Kirsop, Jan 2017)

Key Stage 2 INSET presentation (Laura Kirsop, Jan 2017)

Training material and links

Vocabulary matching pairs game (Laura Kirsop, Jan 2017)

Vocabulary display (Pete Dring, 2014)

BBC Bitesize KS1 Computing

BBC Bitesize KS2 Computing

How computers work (Gary Kacmarcik, 2010)

Primary scheme of work (James Fearnley, 2014)

What is computational thinking? (Barefoot Computing)